We have talked in the last two publications about Electronic Tattoos, called also (E-tattoos), this article will explain, how they work, how they are implemented, and how they can be used.


E-Tattoos or Electronic Skin patches,  are flexible patches that can be stamped into your skin (chest, hand...).
They contains nano-electronic flexible components, which are maid from silicon wires measuring nanometers in thickness.

Domain of use

Electronic tattoos can be used in so many different field, notably in health monitoring. A baby who will be born in the next decade may 
get a tattoo, it would monitor it's vital activities and biometric parameters like cardiogram , physical activity, nutritional status, breathing rate, sleep duration, body temperature...
Data collected from the patch would be stored in the cloud, those data will be transferred by wireless connections into tablets, smartphones or computers to tell about the actual state of your baby's health.

Not only babies can have this electronic patches, patients can also have them, they will be monitored even they are not in the hospital.
The patches will contain sensors than can check if the patient has taken the right dosage of his drug. It can alarm the doctor if some of the vital activities of the patient are not working well...

Problem with the Electronic Tattoos

The main problem is that these patches should be powered enough so they can store data for a long period of time.
development of nano-technology has made researchers develop patches consuming a lower rate of power, also energy can be delivered from
external batteries carried out in your pocket...

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