After the intel's Make It Wearable contest that is made to encourage developers for new wearable technologies idea, a very interesting prototype has won the biggest prize of $500,000, and honestly, it just deserve it !

The prototype called Nixie, is a wearable drone that fit to your wrist, once commanded, the Nixie detaches from your wrist and transforms into a quadcopter to fly around you and take the best selfie for you and get back to your wrist ! the device contains an integrated camera tha is able to shoot photo and videos.

Nixie uses sensors and motion-prediction algorithms to do the wanted task, also, if you want to be captured on video for a long time, the device can follow your adventure by activating a follow mode, then, the device will trail behind you.

Nixie is not yet available in the markets, it is a prototype that should be accessible sooner or later, the gifs show are from demo video taken to explain the device role.

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