A researchers group in the university of Chengdu in China have created a train prototype that can run 3 times faster than a plane, it can reach the speed of 1800 miles per hour (2900 kilometers/h), according to the project director Dr.Deng Zigang.

How it works

The Train is called Super Maglev (for Magnetic Levitation),it uses the magnetic force to run on a monorail and it circulates inside a tube in which the air pressure is reduced 10 time less than the pressure inside the sea, which will reduce the frictional force and the consumed energy by the train.

Right now the Maglev prototype speed is limited by the size of the test platform shown in the picture, a bigger platform will give it the possibility to reach its maximum speed.

The fastest commercialized train is in Japan and it reaches a speed of 268 miles/h (431 Km/h), so the Maglev will be a big revolution in the world of transport soon.

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