Even the LG G3 is not yet official, LG has released a teaser video about the the cover of the expected G3 called QuickCircle, a design that is supposed
to come with something new like HTC did with their Dot view Case.

The cover contain a circle in which you can see your notifications like messages and calls... You can also launch the camera App or make a call
without opening the cover. Also the cover will automatically turn ON or OFF your screen when opening or closing it.

The QuickCircle will be available in different colors: Black, Pink, Metallic, Gold... and it will be designed to protect the edges of the next G3 and to be easy to hold in your hand thanks to its grip covering.

If you want to get both the G3 and the QuickCircle, you have to wait for the next week (27 May) when the LG G3 will be officially presented.

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