This is 2014! Your personal data is stored all over -  in your PC, in your smartphone and even on the cloud! This is what makes it vulnerable to hackers and more accessible to various intruders, such as viruses coming from the Internet and from miscellaneous programs.

That's why antivirus companies are doing their best to bring you the more efficient tools to protect your privacy and important data, and when it comes to choosing the best products, you just can't ignore Bitdefender Antivirus, a company that has built its reputation on offering full protection solutions, but also lighteweight free versions.  As far as premium protection is concerned, Bitdefender offers products for your PC, your MAC, your Android device and your iOS device.

Before introducing the Bitdefender products, you have to mention that the Romania-based software company was Awarded "Best Antivirus of 2014", and it has also won the AV-TEST’s Best Protection Award 2013 and Best Performance Award 2013, along with two Editor’s Choice awards from PCMAG, and 2013 Editor’s Choice from CNET.


Bitdefender Free Edition 

The Bitdefender Free Antivirus allows you to profit from basic security for free. It features scheduled and immediate scanning to check your files and system drives, and it can also isolate the infected files in a quarantine, while continuing with scanning and virus removal.

Aside from being quick and hassle-free, the free security software is gamer friendly (pausing any system scans while the user is in a game), it is optimized to run on Windows 8, and is very friendly to non-tech savvy family members. Requiring virtually no maintenance, Bitdefender relies on what it likes to call «artificial intelligence » to get the job done without interfearing with your daily computer activities. 

It uses similar virus protection as that found in its premium counterparts (minus some of the perks of premium programs, of course),  But if you want to get a complete antivirus solution for a Windows PC, Bitdefender proposes a whole range of for-pay products that will definitely satisfy your security needs.


Bitdefender was the first security specialised company to introduce the first antivirus package including an application firewall. In 2006, the company added B-HAVE technology to reduce dependency on virus signatures through proactive detection of unknown threats. In 2009, the Active Virus Control feature was added to the 2010 products, and NO STOP with the innovation, Bitdefender has recently unveiled the PHOTON Technology to improve computer speed and performance. 

The company boasts a security solution for any situation, including for your home, your office and your small or medium business.