Imagine that your smartphone screen is also a solar panel at the same time, so you can recharge it just by putting it in the sun ! well, ALCATEL has already though of that, the prototype was unveiled in the CES Las Vegas, a phone with a solar panel screen, that can be recharged when exposed to the sun, also when using the screen, you can't tell if the 
phone contains a solar panel.

The demo is not yet a final product, the company said that it is not good enough to release it to the public right know, you have to wait to 2015 to see this technology in the markets.
"There are some issues with the viewing angles and the charging capabilities of the screen at the moment that we aren't happy with," said Dan Dery, VP of Global Marketing and Products.

This technology will solve many daily issues of charging your battery, it will be great to just put your phone at the window or expose it to the sun when you are walking, also, Dan Dery said that the battery can be recharged with another light sources beside the sun..

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