Sometimes you could be in a big problem, big fight or stock somewhere in an accident, but, no one can see or rescue you, it would be great if you can alert your friends without using your phone, because it would be slow, and maybe it will be also stolen !

A new device is about to be produced to help you with those situations, the ECHO Urgent Messenger. ECHO is an urgency phone that have the size of a Key fob that you can attach to a keychain, the device contains only one button that you can push in the case of emergency to alert your authorized or saved list of friends, and even the police or the hospital.

The single push can send a message or an email to your contacts, it also includes your position and location thanks to an integrated GPS, it is like calling the 911 but without talking or making an effort to explain you situation.

The creators of this device are waiting to raise a little amount of $5000 to begin the production.

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