After Amazon, its the Google turn to unveil their own drone dedicated for delivery. Google X Lab has been secretly working on a delivery drone for the past 2 years under a project named "Project Wing", and now, the device was tested several times, Google has even posted a video showing their invention being tested in the fields of Australia.

Google also wrote on Youtube "We’re only just beginning to develop the technology to make a safe delivery system possible, but we think that there’s tremendous potential to transport goods more quickly, safely and efficiently" 

Several delivery tests was made to deliver some products to Australian farmers, first-aid kit, candy bars, dog treats and water. About Australia, Google said: "Australia’s rolling hills, open sky and long standing history of innovation with UAVs provided the perfect opportunity to safely put our prototype vehicles  and delivery system through their paces outside of a controlled lab environment"

You can watch the official video below !

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