In some places in the world, the sky is always dark, many countries have a gray colored weather that feels sad, you can't see the sun, and you can't enjoy the blue sky, the CoeLux daylight system will bring the sun into your house !

The CoeLux daylight simulation system is a LED lighting array that can be installed on your room's roof, and it will  simulate the Mediterranean sunlight, three options to choose from are available, the CoeLux 30, CoeLux 45, and the CoeLux 60, the nemurical indications represents the angle and light temperature that will be installed in your house where there is no windows available.

The CoeLux 60 is there if you prefer the dramatic slice of tropical light, it provides a skylight with cooler, vertical sunlight, and the maximum luminance contrast of light and shadow. 

For lovers of the Mediterranean basin there is CoeLux 45, a skylight that offers an equal balance of light and shadow.

Finally the CoeLux 30 it is designed for enthusiasts of Nordic countries, it provides a 30 degree angle beam relative to the horizon. It is a like a wall window and it is capable of reproducing a warm light.

You can checkout the CoeLux technology website here.

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