Smart things are covering our bodies, we are becoming over connected, but some gadgets are really interesting and may make your life easier, and now, its the time for your feet to get the connection !

Digitsole has announced their new gadget, an interactive insole that will heat your feet when they're feeling cold ! , the digital insole comes with a dedicated App for Android and iOS, the App will let you control the temperature which can reach a maximum of 40 C/104 F.

The gadget can also track your activities,  the smart insoles will monitor distances walked and burned calories, it weight around 3.5 ounces and it contains an integrated battery that is rechargeable via micro USB. The battery doesn't make this product uncomfortable, Digitsole said that is made with a shock absorber material that is preventing vibration.

The smart insole is not yet available, but you can pre-order it through Kickstarter for a $100. What do you think of that !

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