New technologies are aiming health like no time before, this is why Philips in about to launch its own gadgets. Philips is going to launch two electrodes that stick to your body to be controlled by your iPhone and iPad, both gadgets are designed to suppress persistent pain.

The first one is called PulseRelief and it will use TENS (Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulation), which once on your body it delivers electric pulses to your nerve to prevent pain and make you release chemicals substance that will make you feel happy, it is called endorphins. You can check Amazon for similar devices.

The second gadget is called BlueTouch, and it is made to relieve muscular back pain. According to Philips, the device will shine blue LED lights against your skin, which will make your body release Nitric Oxide that increases blood flow to encourages the natural healing process.

Both devices will be available in September, along with their dedicated App, that will let you choose from different types of treatments.

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