Is it a way to show off and  mock the Oculus VR, maybe yes, and maybe not, but Google has made it's own fun VR headset using a CardBoard ! , when Sundar Pichai said that everyone at the Google I/O conference would get a “Cardboard,” you couldn't tell either he is serious or not, but the surprise was that everyone got a CardBoard, that once
assembled, it transformed to a virtual reality headset !

How To Use It

The Google CardBoard allow you to create your own VR headset using your Android smartphone, users can assemble their Cardboard kits which contains some lenses, two strips of velcro, magnets, and a rubber band. But, dont expect the same quality of the Oculus Rift VR, it is just an experimental headset, all you need is to download the Cardboard App from the Google Play store and slip your smartphone inside the CardBoard and wear it, and enjoy virtual reality with moving your head around and watching your smartphone screen.

If you were not there and didn't get the Cardboard, you can make your own one ! , just follow the design files released by Google in this CardBoard Design.


  1. Wow! What a good news it is! Finally Google comes with a weird VR headset with a cardboard. VR headset with controller makes it easy to use. The interesting matter is if you don’t have the chance to access the cardboard, you can design it according to this cardboard design.