Autonomous cars are a big future project, manufacturers are doing their best to make their first self driving car, Even Google has made its own, but, no one has ever succeeded to make a car that can go racing, with a maximum of speed, without a driver !

Audi have successfully made their own self "racing" car, the RS7 has accomplished its goal in the Hockenheimring racing circuit in Germany, the company announced that the RS7 has finished each lap in a a time of 2 minutes, the car has reached a top speed of 137mph. The car use a 3D imaging camera and a GPS to track its position.

Audi has named the prototype "Bobby", after race car driver Bobby Unser, and until now, the company did not communicated if they are going to launch a model for the public.

You can check the video below to see the RS7 performance without a driver !

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