When it comes to securing your house, there are a plenty of new smart locks, but this one is a new concept, it is unusual and very efficient combining intelligence and strength.

First impression, the Haven smart lock goes on the bottom of your door, it take the position of a door mat, then you can lock and unlock your house in many interesting ways, the basic way is via a dedicated App, you can lock your door using bluetooth on your smartphone, you can also generate temporary keys for your  guests, and if you have forgot your phone, you can use the Online Access Portal by unlocking your door from a computer, also, emergency cases are considered, a mechanical footplate automatically lowers the lift gate in that case.

The special new thing is the lock strength, the Haven lock was putted under intensive tests to simulate house breaking, and the results were amazing, the lock is almost unbreakable, using any kind of force is just with no effect. So this is maybe the securest smart lock ever ! 

The company is counting on your pleges to make even more interesting features, like gesture control, voice control and more, you can check the Kickstarter for these details.

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