We always forget some of our important stuff, your smartphone, your laptop, your wallet and maybe your pet, but what if you can found them with a click of a button !

The StickR TrackR GPS Smart Chip is a round coin sized chip that can be sticked to any of your important stuff, the device is provided with a GPS chip that can  track your pet or your belonging, StickR TrackR comes with a dedicated Android and iOS App that can easily control the chip, if something is lost and you can't find it, the App will show you its location on the map, you can also choose to be alerted if you are about to leave something important behind.

That's not all ! what if you're phone is lost ? well, the StickR TrackR contains a button, one pushed, you phone will start to ring even when it's on silent mode.

The StickR TrackR GPS Smart Chip is available on Amazon with a really cheap price, if you want it, just click the button below !


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