Many gadgets are designed to locate your important stuff, it is becoming a common thing, but i bet you have never seen a smart wallet that could recharge your smartphone battery !

The SmartWallet is a new money holder that contains a GPS locator, a Bluetooth connectivity, and a 1,000 mAh battery to charge your phone !, the new wallet is designed so you can never forget or leave it behind you, the device come with an Android and an iOS dedicated App that will help you locate it on the map, also, you can get directions of your wallet's location, and what if you've lost your phone, the SmartWallet is equipped with a button that once triggered, your phone will start to ring. Out of charge in the middle of nowhere ?, the SmartWallet is provided with 1000mAh backup battery that will let charge your phone on the go, using an USB cable.

Pledging this product on indiegogo from $75 to $99 will let you get it !

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