Traveling faster is always a subject of researches and inventions, from cars, to trains to planes and rockets, but this new jet is one of its kind, and it promises to travel across the USA in half time, from 5 hours to 2.5 hours !

Lockheed Martin, American First and global company for security and defense, is working on a new plane for commercial airlines that will make your trip a half shorter. The plane, called the N+2 Jet, is going to travel with a supersonic speeds carrying 80 passengers, and according to the engineering team in Lockheed Martin, there is a problem with the supersonic speeds, which is the noise associated with it, resulting from the air pressure around the airplane, this merge to form enormous shock waves resulting in sonic booms, those booms could be heard in a bad way ! and that could damage your hearing ! that's why the company is working a new system to limit those booms.

Michael Buonanno, Lockheed Martin manager of the NASA N+2 program said “To achieve revolutionary reductions in supersonic transportation airport noise, a totally new kind of propulsion system is being developed, We are also exploring new techniques for low noise jet exhaust, integrated fan noise suppression, airframe noise suppression and computer customized airport noise abatement.

The company estimate that this project could see the skies in the year 2025.

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