Wearable Tech is evolving so fast, after the smart watch, and many other devices, here come the "smart ring" !

The company "Nod Labs" announced its new product, called "Nod",  it's an advanced gesture control ring that make you control objects with your hand and finger's gestures.

It allows you to control an "unlimited" type of devices, you can communicate with your smart-phone (make calls...), smart TV (Turn On and Off, browse channels...), computers, tablets, and more...

The communication between Nod and the other devices is made via a low energy Blue-tooth (BLE), also, it is Featured with touch parts that allow you to use it instead of your computer mouse !
You can just move your hand in the air with certain gestures to control your TV, and maybe to control all your house equipments (lighting, air conditioning,...).

Nod Labs announced that the ring is available now to pre-order for a limited number, the communicated price is $149.
I think it worth trying !

The video below represents the Nod ring: Nod

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