A new way to play with your pets, even when your not around them !, the Petcube, it is a new aluminum device measuring 4 inch, and containing a wide angle camera so you can see your pet, also it contains a microphone and a speaker that will allow you to talk to your pet and listen to his reactions, the Petcube is also equipped with a laser pointer to help you entertain your pet while you are not home...

So how to use the Petcibe remotely, the device can be attached to the wall and then connected to the Wi-Fi, and using your smartphone, you can control the Petcibe via a dedicated App.

The Petcube Communication Manager Daria Staverska said :“We want to make it so that people can interact with animals they potentially want to adopt, We hope it will help 
people make the decision to adopt pets, which will be great for shelters.”

The main idea of this concept came from Alex Neskin, the Co-founder of the project, and that is after his dog made a big noise in the house, when the neighbors had to call 
the police because he wasn't at home.

Staverska also said "As a company, we are on a mission to provide pet owners with smart products that will connect them with their pets, and let them watch their pets play and 
share access to them with their families and friends,”

The company is now testing the product before it will be available for the public starting from August, the Petcube will cost you around $199.

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