Samsung has unveiled a 1.5 TB external wireless hard drive, that can connect to your Android device via Wi-Fi connection.

So if you want to enjoy movies, songs and photos on your smartphone or tablet, there is no need to Internet connection no more.

The hard drive can store up to 750 movies and 420 000 songs, and an "unlimited" number of docs and files, it is a portable solution that gives you the possibility to turn your Android device into a giant data container, with just Wi-Fi, and you can also connect it via USB 3 cable.

The Hard drive can connect simultaneously 5 Android devices with no Internet connection required, a great solution for media consumers.

Doug DeHaan the General Manager of Samsung HDD division said that "Samsung HDD continues to drive innovation of storage solution for 
enterprise level to consumer applications".

The device is available for a price of $179.

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