Thanks the electro-encephalography associated to the Augmented Reality, French researchers in INRIA and INSA unveiled a new interesting
device that can give you the possibility to watch your brain activity on "live".

The device is composed with an electro-encephalography headset connected to a computer, the headset collect your brain informations via electrodes,
and transmit them to a silvered mirror screen in which you can see yourself, at the same time, the person wearing the headset is  filmed with a 3D camera (the Kinect of Microsoft) and a webcam.

All you have to do is to wear the headset, and see your face and body in the mirror, and watch the brain part changing its colors depending on your

Anatole Lecuyer, the researcher's team leader said that a blue color indicates that you are in a relaxing state, if the color turns to red, that's because you are concentrating.

The Mind Mirror can be used in many fields such as Psychology and Medical field, to improve your brain activity.

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