After three years of researches, Adidas has recently unveiled a new unexpected product, a smart ball called the 'miCoach', the miCoach can
send informations to a smartphone or tabled via Bluetooth connectivity.

The miCoach smart ball contains sensors that collect your strike informations like the ball speed and the strike power and also the ball's path, it can also give your foot's points of impact.
Those informations will be sent via Bluetooth to your smartphone in a free application, the goal is to make players improve their playing quality.

Christian DiBenedetto, the innovation department director in Adidas said "adidas miCoach Smart Ball is a personal training tool. Everything we do at adidas is about helping athletes perform at their highest level and the Smart Ball is designed to help players train and refine technique, allowing athletes to improve flair, skill, power and control."

The price of the miCoach is announced 299$ , a price that will not bother big clubs to buy and try it.

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