Apple plans are a little more obvious everytime we get closer to the WWDC event expected to take place in San Fransisco, June the 2nd.
You are already waiting for the iPhone 6 and the iWatch, but Apple have a little more with an expected entry in domotics with its smart home.

According to The Financial Times, Apple is going to focus on the smart home matket, and provide many services, it will also allow the accessories manufacturers like LG, Philips and others, to make compatible products with the iPhone and iOS.
These products will include light bulbs, doors, windows, security systems, and other home appliances that will be controllable via iPhones and Apple TVs...
So, Apple will not have to build its own products to enter this market, it will be the role of other specialized companies to do it.

By this expected project, Apple will get in the race with the two giants already investing in the smart home univers, Samsung and Google that have lately acquired Nest.

The smart home market launch will be stronger that our expectations, we just have to wait until 2 June to discover more informations from Apple.

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