A trademark application has been filed by Samsung in Korea about a new smart glasses that Samsung is working on, it will be called The
"The Gear Blink", a name showing that the product will be associated to Samsung's gear line of wearables, so, the Gear Blink may not run the android OS, maybe the Tizen or another one.

Also, the Korean giant has filed many patents for future wearable augmented reality glasses and a virtual keyboard that will be projected on your hands when you are wearing the Smart Glasses, so you can type messages and send them using just your hands as a keyboard !

The expected Samsung smart glasses are not going to be similar to the Google glasses, it will be basically connected to your smartphone, and it will perform other tasks like sending SMS and MMS, making calls... a little like the Galaxy Gear watch.

There is a possibility that the Gear Blink would be presented in the IFA in Berlin on next September and it may come to markets in the beginning of 2015 to compete with the Google Glasses already available in the US markets.

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