Microsoft have just unveiled a new bigger tablet, the Surface Pro 3, measuring 12 inch. The company said that this tablet can replace the laptop.
The new tablet is also so thin and light, it is 0.36 inch thick and it weight 1.76 pound.

The Surface Pro 3 comes with almost the same components as a computer, it integrates the Core i7 processor unlike its concurrent having a mobile or a smartphone processor, and run the latest Windows version 8.1 Pro.

The Microsoft tablet comes with different options of storage, 64 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB or 512 GB and also two options of device memory, 4 GB of RAM or 8 GB.
It comes also with and USB 3 connection and  it support the microSD.
The Surface Pro 3 support low energy Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection.

Microsoft did not focus on the photo quality, the front and rear cameras have the same resolution of 5 MP and 1080p HD.

The Surface Pro 3 includes a new interesting input which is the Pen input, like S-Pen of the Galaxy note 3, this one can activate the note application just by clicking a bottom on the top of it, and you can enjoy taking notes by writing.

The keyboard of the Surface Pro 3 is thin and adjustable, and it also can cover and protect the tablet screen.

The Surface Pro 3 tabled can be pre-ordered today with a price of $799, and if you can be patient, you can wait for the official launch around the world expected in August.

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