A couple days ago, LG has released a teaser video about the expected LG smartwatch, the "G Watch", the watch seems to have a different design compared to its concurrents, The Galaxy Gear and the Sony smartwatch...

LG is betting basically on the design, and on the battery autonomy which is not good enough on other smartwatches.
The slogan of LG says "Ready for anything anytime, with a single charge".
The LG G watch is going to run on Android, it will also include the google voice with the command "OK google", which will launch the search either the screen was ON or OFF.

As the video below shows, the G watch will be a waterfprrof smartwatch, also it seem to be builded with metal, not with cheap plastic.

Until this moment, this is all we know about the expected LG G watch, which will be launched the next month "June", until then, 
you can watch this teaser released by LG.

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  1. Video with Java.. .
    How to read something that i should use with my phone if i can't have access to the full contain of that one without my phone...
    Please advive.
    Except that it should be great to try that with my Nexus 5!