After 15 years of studies, a German group of researchers have just reported results of experiments applied on human subjects, to give them the possibility to control their dreams in the paradoxical sleep (REM sleep) phase.

it's during this phase that you can remember your dreams, it is the period when your brain is half a sleep, that you can control your dreams, and shape your thoughts.

Researchers have arrived to provoke the REM sleep phase by stimulating the electrical brain activity with different frequencies between 25 and 40 Hz.

The human subjects indicated that they have better control on actions in their dreams after a stimulation of 25 Hz, they can change their way out from a room or change places...

The researchers said that they are doing this stimulation without making side effects on their subjects.

This study can be helpful in many treatments like the schizophrenia, it could be also possible to relieve victims from their stress and help patient having nightmares...

Maybe someday, we will be able to make our own dreams like in the movies "Inception" and "Vanilla Sky" !

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