It would be a great idea if you could watch a video or a movie projected on the wall or any white surface wherever you are !
Dos Owls is a new startup focusing on making portable visual display products, the company has unveiled a new interesting product called ODIN.


ODIN is a pocket-sized portable mobile projector that runs on Android KitKat 4.4, having this gadget will give the possibility to display your videos and medias directly on any wall, anywhere you are.


ODIN contains a digital micromirror display (DMD) that can beam 115 ANSI lumens of light into a large display, you have just to place your pocket-sized device 3 yards away from the wall, and enjoy watching your medias in really big screen sized 75 inch, and if want a bigger displaying, place it 5 yard away and watch a 125 inch screen, and the distance continue doubling up to 250 inch screen !

You can connect your keyboard or mouse to the device using the USB ports present in ODIN, also Wi-Fi is available so you can stream you media directly from the cloud, (Google Drive, Dropbox...), or if you don't have Wi-Fi, ODIN can connect to the INTERNET using your phone’s hotspot.

For gamers, you can also connect your Playstation or Xbox and enjoy a real game on a big wall when you have no TV around.


Dos Owls has not yet communicated about the price, because they are waiting to reach their financial goal of $250.000 to start production, now the amount reached by the startup is $148.000.

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