Google has unveiled Android Auto, the Android OS version designed for connected cars. Car manufacturers can integrate this system in their vehicles to give the users the privilege of connecting their smartphones and display their phone screen on the car multimedia screen.


Not all of the driver's smartphone's functionalities can be imported to the car display, only features provided by the Android Auto OS are reachable, the user can use GPS, phone, music.... The great thing is that you can update those Apps only using your smartphone, it is a full control on your multimedia experience.

Of course navigating between your apps will be using a touchscreen on your car, but, that's not all, Google is introducing voice commands that will help you not to move your eyes off the road. Also you can consult your SMS directly on your car screen, and voice assistant will read the messages for you so you wont be distracted..

The most useful App could be Google Maps that can help you navigating to your destinations, Google has made a little improvement to the App and included a voice assistance to help you make your trip.


Google has also unveiled the Android Auto SDK for developers that can develop their own Audio and SMS Apps, also, many partners has joined Google in this project including the French car manufacturer Renault.

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