A new project is on the way, it still in its early phase, but it seems very interesting. AirType , a new input method that will make you get rid of your soft and hard keyboard.

How It Works

Do you hate your smartphone or your tablet's soft keyboard, did you always wanted to use your computer's big keyboard, AirType will give you this possibility to use it wherever you are and without the need of carrying it. The announced project is a system that uses a pair of cuff or wristbands sensor that go around your wrists and over the knuckles. The device track your finger movements to detect which keys you’re virtually striking, on your tablet and smartphone keyboard.

The accessories will come with a dedicated App that would include text prediction and correction, and it will be connected to your tablet via Bluetooth, AirType will work like voice recognition software..

Check it out

As the project still in its early phase, you can check out the concept in this video.

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