The world of wearables is evolving very fast, smartwaches, FIT bands, smart rings and others, but you will never expect what this band does to you !

The Pavlok is wristband that is going to change your habits, if you always wanted to exercise or to do your plans but you dont, this will make do everything on your list, and stop being lazy !

"Wake up sleepy head... it's time to go to the gym" "Put down those chips!" "Stop wasting time on Facebook." Those are the words of Maneesh Sethi, the inventor of this Gadget, but how it works to make you do your work.

The Pavlok is powerd by a powerful algorithms that will track your activities, and a GPS to track your position, it uses the idea of positive reinforcement to change your behaviors, and if you did not what you have planned to do, the Pavlok will give an electric shock to motivate you !

Sethi explains more and said "It sits on my wrist and at 6am it'll vibrate. I can snooze it, but if I snooze it twice, it shocks me.", and this an example on how it works to wake you up in the morning !

There are multiple other ways to encourage your self doing things gently, but the gentle way does not always works, because sometimes you will need a bigger push, "It's not about the shock as much as it is about training your brain to do the things you say you are going to do" Sethi the founder said.

The Pavlok can control your exercises, for example if you have programmed it to walk 1000 steps, but you didn't reach your goal, the wristband will give you a shock to make complete the rest, in the future, you can see you behaviors through a dedicated App, and your friend will be also able to shock remotely ! it seems cruel, but it may push you to do the right thing.

The Pavlok maybe available in the beginning of 2015, with a price of $250.

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