When Apple presented its vocal assistant Siri to be integrated in the iPhone in 2011, it was a big event and the company was proud of it, even android users were jealous of this feature.

After that, Google has made its own vocal assistant "Google Now", and it was a real thing, and many said that it is more powerful than Siri, and until now, Android users are very happy with it. After that, the Cortana of Microsoft came into life, and since those events, Apple is no longer the leader with Siri, we even hardly hear of it.

Now, Apple wants Siri to be born again, the iGiant seems to have already hired a team of researchers and expert team to make the big improvement of Siri.
Siri is going to work with  neural network algorithms that will allow an easier voice recognition, also, the new team will work to make Siri decrypt children's language and to learn about different accents used worldwide...

About company acquirements and alliances, Google and Microsoft have tested neural nets, Microsoft will also use it for their future interesting project, the real time Skype translator, Apple is maybe interested in acquiring Nuance, the same company that Samsung is interested in right now.

Nothing is yet communicated, but can we expect the new Siri lunched with iOS 8 ?!, we have to wait until the fall to find out.

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