Ryan Greeper, an American inventor and his team have launched a fund-raising campaign to begin the production of a new amazing product called the "COOLEST", it is a High Tech connected cooler that will change your summer ! The team has realized the biggest kickstarter success of the month collecting about 5 million dollars ! The wanted amount was just $50.000 !

What Is It

The COOLEST contains all you need to have a great outdoor party, it includes a USB charger so you can recharge your smartphone, a Bluetooth speakers  to play the music stored in your smartphone or tablet, you can also make your favorite cocktail with an integrated blender, or open your bottles with the bottle opener on the side of the COOLEST, if it is dark you can light-up the COOLEST thanks to its LED lights. And that's not all, the COOLEST also contains a baggage holder so you can easily transport you stuff on top of it..

Ryan Greeper, the project founder said: "As of today, there’s only one ‘Coolest’ in the world "It lives in my garage and has a very full social calendar, we’ve been tailgating all fall and lounging on the beach all summer."


If you want to get it, the COOLEST will be available for shipment starting from October 2014, and it will come in six different colors, including orange which is the original color. This interesting High Tech cooler will cost you about $185. You can watch its video below.

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