The FBI announced that they are scared from the Google autonomous Car, they said that it can affect citizen security because it can be used by criminals and malicious users.. many possibilities are presented about the bad use of the autonomous car.

The Scary Fact

According to an FBI report, there are many bad ways to use the Google autonomous Car, the driver can escape the police without having to look to the street, and in this way he can use his hands to hold a weapon and easily use it ! Also, detection and automatic guidance systems will also let criminals avoid obstacles and look for a good place to hide, and that will give a difficult task to the police..

another scary scenario unveiled by the FBI, the autonomous cars can be the remotely programmed to go to a wanted destination loaded with explosives, the car can be also hacked to make different actions like kidnapping...


A real scary scenario that could be happening, for now the FBI prediction is that the use of autonomous cars will be far 5 to 7 years from now, until then, many security issues need to be fixed and planned by the manufacturers.

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