Do you always have a problem with keeping your friends or family away from your room and stuff, do you always forget you room's keys inside the house ?! with this new product, you will never worry about that.

The Genie Smart Lock is a new idea to lock and unlock your house doors from wherever you are in the world, it will replace the usual door lock, the smart lock is going to be connected to your smartphone via a dedicated App, and by using the App, all you need is an Internet connection so you can lock your door if have forgotten to do it when you are far away from the house. Another feature that you can activate is the automatic lock and unlock, the door can be automatically locked the minute you leave the house, the Genie lock comes with a backup of a normal door key in case you forgot or lost your phone.

The lock will contain a battery that will have an autonomy of about 3 months which will be improved. The project founder also explains how it works and how is going to use a low energy to improve the battery life “The Genie Hub receives the wi-fi signal and converts it to BLE. This BLE signal is sent to the Genie Smart Lock and then a reply is sent to the Genie Hub over BLE. This reply is converted from BLE to wi-fi and transmitted to the wi-fi device (smartphone or computer)”.

The device is still under development, and the company is launching a kick-starter campaign to raise funds, the Genie is also available to pre-oder for a price of $249.

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