Grey Frandsen, Michelle Brown and Torrey Tayanaka from the Olfactor Laboratories have developed a new patch, The Kite Patch, not for smokers or addicted peoples, but it is to repel mosquitos and make you invisible to them !

The mosquito detect you or your food from hundreds of feet away by detecting the carbon dioxide emanating from your body, so the idea of the Kine Patch is to disturb the mosquito's receptors so it cannot find you anymore.

The Kite Patch is a small non-toxic sticker that you can place on your clothing, and that will make you invisible to mosquitos for up to 48 hours, the researchers have identified three groups of chemicals that can disrupt a mosquito's carbon dioxide receptors.

Each group of chemicals works a little differently to confound its target. The first actually mimics carbon dioxide, and could be used to lure mosquitoes away from their human targets and into insect traps; the second prevents the mosquitoes from detecting carbon dioxide altogether; and the third actually switches the CO2-sensing machinery of the mosquitoes into overdrive, overloading the mosquitoes' senses to the point of confusion.

A large number of patches will be tested in Uganda, a country that suffers from diseases like malaria infection, optimizations will be made on the Kite patch before making a global distribution.

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