A new wearable device is unveiled, and it is very interesting for parents so they can watch their kids while swimming.

The iSwimband is a new smartband that is wearable in the kids head, the band will alert the parents when their kid is drowning and when he is under the water for a long period of time.

The device connect to any iOS device via bluetooth, and when your kid is in danger, the smartband will alert you via a dedicated App on your smartphone or tablet, so, parents don't have to leave their seats on the pool or the beach any more. Also, there is another option, you can get a wristband for your little kid who cannot swim, and it will warn you immediately when he touches the water, the mobile App can track up to 8 bands at the same time, so you can control all of your kids.

If you want to get the whole package, the sensor, headband, bracelet and mobile App, this will cost only $99.

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