Google Glass, Google car, Google Loon and others.. These projects signed Google were all developed by Google X, a laboratory that works on the wildest ideas of the group. Now Xlabs are working on a new project called BaselineStudy that is supposed to make a revolution in the world of health and medicine.

The project is currently assembling a number of 80 medical experts guided by the doctor Andrew Conrad, one of the creators of a HIV detection test.
The study wants to detect diseases like cancer before even happening ! , through a clinic, Google will collect samples of genetic and molecular data of anonymous volunteers. The collecting operation has already begun with 175 persons that gave their data like urine, blood, saliva and tears, a strong database that will allow to Google to detect bio-markers thanks to its strong computing power. Google will detect disease's symptoms before happening, and try to prevent them.

The Wall Street Magazine expressed its concerns about the confidentiality of people's data, but Google affirmed that they will not transfer these data to insurance companies..

Baseline is not the only medical project in Google, in fact, Apple launched Calico in association with Google, a project to confront aging and its associated diseases.

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