Ralph Lauren is not only a fashion brand, its also becoming a smart brand with their new product made for athletes, The Polo Tech shirt. The Polo Tech shirt is made with the cooperation of the Tech Canadian firm Omsignal, and it is specially designed for athletes.

The Ralph Lauren smart shirt is able to track your heart rate and movements thanks to a built in sensors, the tracked data are sent to an iOS App via bluetooth, the company is also developing and Android App for this purpose, and you can see your breathing rate, heart rate, steps taken, calories burned and more data through the App...

Of course some of you are asking how to wash this shirt !, if fact, it contains Bluetooth-enabled box that detaches from it when its laundry time.

The smart shirt is designed to take the place of some fitness tracker or heart rate monitors, the only left problem is that the shirt seems a little too tight, but David Lauren, senior vice president of advertising said that the sensors should be close to the body to take accurate measures, but with researches evolving, a comfortable solution will be found.

The shirt is still a prototype, and it is expected to be launched next year, no price is communicated, but, how do you think of it !

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