We were waiting for the IFA opening to see Samsung and LG unveiling their expected smartwatches, but, they did not made us waiting, after LG unveiled their second version of the LG G watch, Samsung has also unveiled the Galaxy Gear S, and it don't need a phone to be functional !

The Gear Solo has changed the look, it contains a 2 inch AMOLED curved touch screen that have a definition of 360 x 480 pixels, the smartwatch have the ability to connect on the 3D and 2G network without being connected to the smartphone, so you can use it standing alone to make calls and send texts. Inside of it, you can find a  1 GHz processor that manages a 512 MB of RAM, and a 4 GB of internal storage. The 300 mAh battery can last for two days according to Samsung, the Gear S is also waterproof, and it contains some extra sensors like the heart rate monitor and the photo sensor.

The Galaxy Gear S does not run the Android OS, Samsung have chosen their own OS which is Tizen.

Until now, there is no price communicated, but according to samsung, the Gear S will be available on October.

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