Now wearables are becoming fashionable, if you don't like some smartwatches or some fit bands because of their look, this new product maybe interesting for you.

The Smart Bangle called Elemoon, it is not representing a big technology evolution compared to other wearables, but, it looks great and it contains some basic functionalities that you may need.

The Smart Bangle is a connected wrist band that connect to you smartphone via bluetooth, its main role is to notify you of incoming calls, messages and other notifications, by lightening a small grid of multicolored LEDs that will draw the shape of custom icons. The icons and the colors are customizable via a dedicated App, so you can choose the lights colors to fit your clothes ! The bangle can also be used to find your phone, just by rubbing it, your smartphone will be ringing

Compared to its functions, the smart bangle's price is a little high, $200 to get one, maybe fashion is more expensive than technology !

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