Just few weeks left from the Apple's big event, the launch of the iPhone 6, it seems like it will be a much bigger event than the iPhone 5S launch, and until now, rumors and leaked info are still rolling the web, so, here are the latest informations.

A Reversible Lightning Cable

According to rumors and leaked info, the USB charger will be reversible, which mean you will not struggle to force it in the wrong way, because you will be able to plug it in both ways, also, you can use it from either end or orientation. So, New generation connectors have the distinction of being reversible and symmetric, with the advantage that it can be plugged into any direction.

The Battery Power

The battery will be more powerful and thats because of the bigger screen size, which will give the iPhone 6 a new name, the iPhone 6L.

New Leaked Photos

According to Feld & Volk, there are some leaked photos of the iPhone 6, you can see the picture below, it seems to be thinner than the iPhone 5S, and it will have round corners, and a metallic cover.
Anyway, you have to wait a few weeks to see the final product.

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