Many company are working to make your house smarter, building gadgets, mobile apps and many more products, and this time, Stack is presenting their new Smart Light Bulb, Well smart bulbs are not a new product, but this one comes with many new interesting features.

The Alba Bulb, is the new smart bulb from Stack, and it will act depending on time and depending on your behaviours ! The bulb is full of sensors, it is able to change colors, brightness  based on the time of day and your presence inside the room.

When you wake up in the morning, the bulb will start with a natural white light, then, it will switch to relaxing warm colors in the late evening. It is also a great idea when it comes to saving energy, the Alba bulb will turn off automatically when there is an ambient light, or when you leave the room.

This interesting product comes with a dedicated App if you want to control it manually, but you may want to let it act freely and enjoy its features.

The Stack Alba Bulb is available for pre-order, and it will be available beginning from 2015 for a pricde of $150 !

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