As you know, the new iPhones 6 and 6 Plus are already on sale, so, if are planning to get one, its almost necessary to cover it, protect it, and make it more beautiful with a case, and for those smartphones, depending on your taste, there is many choices to make between different and interesting iPhone 6 cases.

The Apple Cases

The iPhone manufacturer has of course made its own model of cases, and that's by introducing two version, the leather and silicone cases, The leather case comes in five colors while the silicone one is available in six different colors, these covers will cost you between $35 and $49 and you can get them from here.

The Incipio cases

Incipio is a very popular smartphone cases manufacturer when it comes to the iPhone, that's why they have made multiple choices which are Stowaway, DualPro, Feather, Rival, Highland, Phenom, NGP Edge, Octane, and Watson cases.

Stowaway: it's a polycarbonate and polymer shell that contains a a credit card case.
DualPro: it's also a polycarbonate case provided with an impact-absorbing core.
Feather: Like its name indicates, it is super thin like a feather, and it's made with polycarbonate.
Rival: it is a case with transparent texture.
Highland: A brushed aluminum-style folio.
Phenon: It is a shock resistant case that is very light.
NGP: A flexible polymer case.
Edge: It is made of hard material, a hard shell slider case.
Watson: It is a leather case that can also hold three credit cards like a wallet.
Those cases are available in this Amazon Link.


OtterBox is not a strange case maker when it comes to Apple, and its presenting its three variant, The Defender, Symmmetry, and Commuter series that present an all around protection for the phone for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.
Depending on the configuration, the OtterBox cases will cost from $19.95 to $69.90, and they are available on here on this Amazon Link.

Urban Armor Gear

The UAG is a case with a light composite construction, its is aiming to protect your iPhone from hard shocks, the Urban Armor Gear company said that their cases are military drop test standards with a certification named MIL-STD810G - 546.6.
The UAG is available in 6 colors and they are also provided with a Screen protector, and they will cost you from $34.95 to $39.95. If you want to get it, click on this Amazon Link.

Radius V2

This beautiful case is made with from aluminum, and it is designed to protect the corners and rear of your device from shocks, this fancy Raduis case is available in three version, the standard aluminum, gold version, and a limited edition platinum version. This will cost you between $69.99 and $169.99 ! You can pre order it from this bitemyapple website 

These are the most wanted iPhone 6 cases, we will provide with more very soon !

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