Its a new idea, and its very interesting, many of you have a problem waking up in the morning ? this new app called Wakie will surely help you with a new way.

How It Works

The Wakie App is a social alarm clock, one installed, you have to verify you phone number (like in viber) , then you should between two options "Wakies or Sleepyheads" ! 

If you choose the Sleepyheads option, it means that you want to be woke up in the morning by a complete stranger from around the world, the app will make a match for you, and the stranger will call you and talk to you for a minute, than the call is automatically stopped, otherwise, if you want to wake up people, you have to choose the "Wakies" option, and you will have the chance to call somebody you don't know to wake him up.

You personal informations, phone number and name will not be show to others, you will be able to see the country from which you're receiving the call.

The App is free, and is available for Android and Windows Phone, an iOS version will be available soon. Until now, the App is only available in U.S., UK, Canada, Singapore and Hong Kong, if you're not from those countries, you will be able to be a Wakie and wake people, but not a SleepyHead to receive calls.


  1. but how much will it cost the 'wakies' to make those international calls?