If you are reading this, you have been waiting for the iPhone 6 release, and here you can find all about it. Rumors and news have been teasing the iPhone 6 for so long, different screen sizes, competing with the Galaxy Note 4, NFC and more.. Today, in the occasion of its keynote, Apple is making everything official.

Fist of all, the iPhone is available in two versions, the 4.7 inch and the 5.5 inch screen size, so for the big screen fans, you can finally enjoy a bigger iPhone !
Apple wanted to give different names to their two versions, the iPhone 6 (The 4.7" version) and the iPhone 6 Plus (The 5.5" version), and here are their specs:


First thing to remark, the design, both phones are thinner that the previous iPhone 5S, 6.9 mm for the iPhone 6 and 7.1 mm for the iPhone 6 Plus.

the iPhone 6 is provided with a powerful quad-core A8 chip that will make the phone 50 times faster than the previous iPhone !, and an internal storage of 16, 32, and 128 GB, same for the iPhone 6 Plus.

the iPhone 6 Plus is provided a Retina HD display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels (1134 x 750 pixels for the iPhone 6), and a camera sensor that comes to shoot 8 MP pictures, we really don't know why apple is sticking with the 8 MP sensor. The rear camera is provided with a 2.1 MP sensor for selfies.

The autonomy is also very important, so according to Apple, the iPhone 6 will be able to stay on playing video for a continuous 11 hours (14 hours for the iPhone 6 Plus). 
The iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus support the 4G LTE connectivity along with the usual connectivity types, Bluetooth, WiFi. The device will run  the latest iOS 8.


The camera is now provided with optical stabilization so you can get a neat picture for something that is moving, the sensor is also able to capture 1080p video at up to 60 frames per second, and 240 frames per second in slow motion

The new thing is the NFC, finally Apple is adopting the NFC, also, this come with a partnership with Mastercard and Visa to make a change in the world of NFC payment methods.


Both devices will be available in three colors, black, gold and white, the iPhone 6 will cost you $199, $299, $399, on contract depending on the ROM storage (resp 16, 32 and 128 GB), for the iPhone 6 Plus, you have to pay and extra $100 for each version.

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