iFixit is always interested in the entrails of Apple's products, and this time, its the iPhone 6 Plus turn to be dissected, and that is done, and here is what  they found:

First you can see the big battery, it has almost a double capacity compared with the iPhone 5S with a power of 2915 mAh, and here is the main hardware description:

- 2915 mAh Battery
- Internal components that are designed and ranged to fit the new iPhone 6 Plus interior
- A8 A8-APL1011 Processor system-on-a-chip of Apple 
- LTE Modem Qualcomm MDM9625M
- SKhynix H2JTDG8UD1BMS flash memory
- Broadcom BCM5976 touch screen controller
- NFC NXP 65V10 chip for the Apple Pay System
- 1 GB of RAM confirmed by the A8 chip serial number (F8164A3PM )

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