Everybody was asking, what have took Apple so long to make its own smartwach, specailly that other tech giants like Samsung, LG, Motorola and others have already made more that a version of a smartwach. Finally, Today Apple unveiled their own smartwach, the Apple Watch, and with those specs, you can see why that took so long.


The Apple Watch is provided with a square shaped Saphir screen, and its also flexible ! the screen is able to make a difference between a click or a tap from your finger.

One you lift your wrist, the Apple watch can tell if want to use it, and then it automatically turn on its screen and display the main page of Apps.

The Apple Watch contains four sensors in the back, gyroscope, accelerometer, a heart rate sensor, and a Taptic Engine for input sensing, all embedded in the Apple Watch, Apple focusing on health by introducing future heath dedicated Apps, that would perfectly works withe existing sensors like the heart rate sensor.

The Apple smartwatch is not a stand alone device, unfortunately, you have to own an iPhone (5 or up) to fully use its features, once connected to your iPhone via blutooth or WiFi (it's up to you to choose), the device can bring notifications, missed calls, text messages, upcoming events or meetings that you can decline directly from the smartwatch. 

Like they did with the iPhone 6, Apple is introducing two different sizes, and three choices which are the Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and the Apple Watch Edition, and the main difference will be the design material, aluminum, stainless steel and 18-carat gold !


The interesting feature is the wireless recharging ! now you can recharge your Apple Watch without a cable, like some of the Nokia Lumia smartphones, it will use induction, also it integrates NFC so you can make small payments with it.

Thanks to the WatchKit, developer will be able to develop Apps dedicated to the Apple Watch, also Apps like facebook and twitter are going to be available soon.


The Apple Watch is expected to be launched in the first quarter of 2015 with a price of $350.

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