Smartwatches are really very expensive when it comes to the ones that works only with a specific smartphones, Galaxy Gear, LG watch and others, but this OLED Bracelet Smartwatch is going to give you all the important functionalities, and the great thing is that the Indigi OLED SmartWatch is compatible with all smartphones, all you need to have is a Bluetooth connectivity !

The Indigi will bring you the important notifications on from phone, incoming calls will cause the Bracelet to vibrate and ring, also, you can see the caller ID on the bracelet OLED  screen, then you can directly answer your call from it, and that's because the Ingidi smart bracelet is provided with a built-in Mic & Speaker, when you're finished talking, just press  a button on the bracelet to hang up. 

And of course, the Indigi bracelet will show you time, for a very interesting reduced price, you can get it now from Amazon, just hit the button below !


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