Do you always have a problem with keeping your friends or family away from your room and stuff, do you want a higher level of security around your room ?! with this new product, you will get what you need.

The Kevo Bluetooth Electronic Lock will let you use your smartphone as your door's key, with multiple levels of military grade PKI encryption. When you have your smartphone around, with a switched on Bluetooth, you can just touch the lock and the door will be opening for you !, if you forgot your smartphone, you can enjoy this touch option by using a provided fob.

If you are on vacation, and far away from home, you can give a temporary access to your guests or friends by sending a temporary eKey that will programmed to expire after the period you will set using a dedicated App, you can also receive notifications and view history of lock activities.

The app is currently only available for iPhone 4S, 5, 5C & 5S, and the Electronic lock is provide with four batteries that can last for 8766 hours, and 2 eKeys that never expire, 2 Keys and 1 fob. You can get this amazing gadget from Amazon for a reasonable price, just click the Buy Button Below !


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